About Garry & Jeri

In 2012, after 25 years of single life I married a man who shares many of my values and interests. But, he has an unusual occupation. Garry is a professional taxidermist who has had his own business for more than 40 years. He's never had a regular job working for someone else. When we met he lived on 13 acres in the woods, surrounded by wild turkeys, deer, a variety of birds, a small lake and peace and quiet. I lived in a condo in the city 30 miles away.
Jeri & turkeys at Garry's old house in the woods
We had met briefly via mutual friends but our first date was more or less a blind one. I had no idea what we would have to talk about. When I got in his Chevy Suburban I joked about there being some wild animal inside, and he admitted that he had taken out a 15 foot crocodile skin to get ready for the date!

Over dinner we found that we shared a love of travel and talked about our experiences, and fascination of seeing new places.  He has been to Africa 3 times, Alaska 13 times, Argentina, Mexico and many other places, mostly for hunting and fishing. My adventures have been limited to brief camping trips in national parks and several trips to Central America. 

I've always enjoyed the outdoors. I was a Girl Scout and begged my parents unsuccessfully to take the family camping, (which in retrospect would have been a bad idea anyway). I've done a bit of fishing. We now have a husband & wife fishing license. But, I admit to letting him bait my hook most of the time (he offered). However, I have never held a gun, and have no interest in shooting or killing animals. I can live easily on a vegetarian diet.

We share an interest in art, and over the past six years I have learned about taxidermy as an art form, and respect the people who choose to create long-lasting animal mounts. 

I've attended the World Taxidermy Competition where Garry was a judge, and several local taxidermy shows. Garry gave a presentation at our granddaughter's second grade class, showing animal skins, skulls, and bones and the kids were fascinated and had many questions and comments.

Honeymoon on Caye Caulker, Belize

In 2014 we sold our respective homes and bought a home in a suburb 20 miles from Milwaukee, where Garry can have a studio. I commute to my job in the city. Every day I come home from my office job and see something interesting and continue to learn about animals, birds and how taxidermy mounts are created. This blog to meant to educate and entertain people who are interested in the art of taxidermy. Comments are open, but it is not a forum for criticism of hunting, and I reserve the right to remove any comments. 

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