Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello, Bear!

Honey, there's a bear in my parking spot!

I came home from work and on opening the garage door, found myself face to face, (well, actually, face to butt) with an 8 foot 3" Alaskan Brown Bear. I knew he was coming, but I guess Garry wanted to surprise me, and he did. This is why I never back into the garage, even with a backup camera on my new car.  There may be things lurking in the dark that need headlights to be seen. 

This bear was an unusual job for Garry, as he didn't mount it himself, but found one already mounted by calling many taxidermists across the country for his customer who wanted one quickly. He had a custom wood base made and did some touch-up work, and he drove it to Illinois. Yes, it fit in the back of the Chevy Suburban! 
Alaskan Brown Bear, 8 ft 3 in.

When I posed I didn't realize it would look like he was eating my head, but the smartass photographer probably did.